The various causes of air pollution are:

Air pollution has reached such devastating proportions that it is now the cause of one in four deaths among children under five, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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The main effects of Air Pollution can be listed as –

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Air pollution affects all spheres of the earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and the sphere of life, the biosphere. When pollutants are released in the air, they contaminate the atmosphere with the deadly gases like Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, and so on. When these gases come back down to earth the fell into the water, since 70 percent of earth is covered with water , when these hazardous gases fell in the water they contaminate the hydrosphere. In addition, these gases drop on the land and pollute it. Consequently, all of these polluted spheres lead to the pollution biosphere, so every sphere is contaminated by pollution. Air pollution effects land, buildings, and human health.
Air pollution erodes land and buildings, India had 2 billion dollar loss in productivity because of soil erosion because of acid rain land becomes unfit to produce good crop. Soil erosion has consequences that are more serious; Ethiopia loses not 2 billion dollars but 2 billion tons of soil every year. This is much more serious, losing $ 2 billion is conceivable, but it is hard to understand 2 billion tons of soil eroded away every year. It is one of the consequences of the air pollution and acid rain. In addition, many building around the world are mostly made of a rock called limestone, limestone reacts with acids. Consequently, the buildings will start to erode because of acid rain.

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Effects on humans, air pollution causes many respiratory diseases. It is the leading cause of asthma, an estimated 24.7 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma, according to the American Lung Association; the disease costs the nation $12.7 billion yearly. From 1980 to 1994, asthma cases increased by 75 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Theses are startling statistics but they should not be, because from 1980 to 2002, there have been more factories, more forest fires, and countless automobiles. All of which have been contributing to the air pollution. In addition, to the current air pollution the pollution from before 1980 era is still in the air, the environment can not absorb any more gases.

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Other source of the air pollution is decomposition of garbage in landfills and disposal of solid wastes which are emitting methane gas (dangerous to the health). Rapid growth of population, industrialization, increased use of automobiles, aeroplanes, etc has made this issue a serious environmental problem. The air we breathe every moment is full of pollutants going to our lungs and whole body through blood causing uncountable health problems. Polluted air is causing damage to the plants, animals and human beings in many direct and indirect ways. If the environmental protection policies are not followed seriously and strictly, the increasing level of air pollution may increase up to one million tons annually in the recent decades.
Without any further ado, let’s get into some specific causes of air pollution.

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Intergenerational equity, or justice between generations, involves “the inherent relationship that each generation has to other generations, past and future, in using the common patrimony of natural and cultural resources of our planet.” According to this principle, each generation is considered a custodian of the planet for future generations. Intergenerational equity requires accommodating the often-conflicting interests of current and future generations. For example, global climate change is caused in large part by carbon dioxide emissions. The benefits of carbon dioxide emissions, in terms of current power generation, are reaped exclusively by the current generation, but the burdens are borne by both the current and future generations. “The lifetime of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere is over 100 years, so that the full (cumulative) effects of current emissions will not be felt until the beginning of the twenty-second century.” Thus, apart from the concerns of the current generation about pollution and climate change in the near term, to what degree should concerns about the planetary conditions of remote, future generations influence contemporary decisions?

Now that we know the culprits of air pollution, let’s start discussing the harmful effects.

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Pollution causes different types diseases. Air pollution causes allergies, asthma, lung cancer and bronchitis. Radioactive pollutants cause respiratory problems, paralysis, cancer, and other diseases. Excessive noise pollution can lead to deafness, anxiety, stress, increase in the rate of heart beat and other health problems. The depletion of the ozone layer can also result in skin diseases.

In the paragraphs to follow, we’ll take a closer look at all of air pollution’s effects.

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Burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum including other factory combustibles are the major causes of air pollution. Variety of smoke emissions from the automobiles such as cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, trains, aeroplanes, etc are also causing air pollution. Increasing number of industries is causing release of toxic industrial smokes and harmful gases (like carbon monoxide, organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc) from the factories and mills to the environment. Some indoor activities of the people like innocent use of cleaning products, washing powders, paints etc emits various toxic chemicals to the air.