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It is announced that 900 deaths each year in New Zealand due to PM 10. The problem is according to an environmental project , Hanoi and HCM city have the amount of it over 20 times to the rule set by WHO ( VNS 2007 ). A research by the Minister of Health indicated that in each 100000 people, 4,100 (4, 1%) has lung cancer and 3,800 has to deal with throats and tonsils problems (Vietnamnet Bridge) However the most vulnerable groups are children, pregnant women, the elderly or housewives who are use biomass fuel for cooking. A research carry Southern California Children’s Health (2013) in over 1000 children between the periods of 10 to 18 year old has shown that those living in the polluted area must deal with a higher risk of underdeveloped lungs. Their lungs only worked as 80% of a normal child that age and might never be fully recover. A further study by Environmental Health Perspectives (2014) indicates that the chances of getting high blood sugar would be twice for pregnant one. High blood sugar during pregnancy might lead to unpredictable consequences for both mother and the baby such as preterm birth and obesity… Researchers produced a test in 2000 women in Boston and find out that the chief culprit is PM 2.5 near their living areas.

The causes of air pollution in big cities essay

Air pollution in big cities essay

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A draft of a 2007 combined World Bank and SEPA report stated that up to 760,000 people died prematurely each year in China because of air and water pollution. High levels of air pollution in China's cities caused to 350,000-400,000 premature deaths. Another 300,000 died because of indoor air of poor quality. There were 60,000 premature deaths each year because of water of poor quality. Chinese officials asked that some of the results should not be published in order to avoid social unrest.

Causes of air pollution in big cities essay

Air pollution has become a major issue in China and poses a threat to Chinese public health. In 2016, only 84 out of 338 (administrative division of the (PRC), ranking below a and above a ) or higher cities attained the national standard for air quality.

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Air pollution has become one of the biggest environment problems in China, causing severe health risks. Residents, especially those living in big cities, are battling air pollution.

Today, whatever littte oxygen we inhale, is polluted

In London alone, we are currently paving or decking over gardens and losing the equivalent of two and a half Hyde Parks every year which, in addition to wiping out potential bee forage, exacerbates problems such as flooding, air pollution and rising temperatures caused by the heat island effect. If we ditch the decking and turn our cities into a vast bed and breakfast for bees, we not only feed and house bees, we also make cities more resilient for us to live in, too. Trees, as well as often providing the most abundant source of food for bees in cities and habitat for myriad species, soak up rainwater, store carbon, remove pollution and provide cooling canopy cover for us.

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City living has attracted scores of people due to its conveniences and opportunities. The amenities are accompanied by a host of risks associated with large populations living in a limited area. Pollution is a common problem which can influence the quality of the air and water for the residents. The possibility of epidemics like the flu and West Nile virus are an additional worry to people in cities. Criminals strike victims in cities more often than those in other non-urban centers. In conclusion, living in a city can increase an individual's health risks in several areas.

Air pollution in big cities essay. Causes of air pollution in big cities essay However, most of the air pollution sources are stem out of the human activities like burning fossil fuels, coal and oil, release of harmful gases and substances from factories and motor the process dust and chemicals are released in the air causing massive air , effects and …

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Greenhouse gases released by large industries are largely responsible for air pollution. If the problems continuous like this, that day might not be a thing of the distant future. There are two kinds of sources of air pollution indoor and outdoor air pollution. Industrialized countries have worked to reduce levels of sulfur dioxide, smog, and smoke in order to improve people’s health. Waste used to create landfills generate methane, that is harmful in several ways. The lates was from 2005, and made publicly available in early 2011. From various factories come millions of particles that are carried off in the air. Air pollution is a most serious problem of the current time all over the world especially in the large cities because of the huge level of industrialization.