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Mexico City's rapidly diminishing water supply creates another dangerous problem. Once its water supply is gone, the only way to receive water will be to transport it from across the mountains. Not only does the city have to pipe water in, but it also has to pipe the sewage out of waste-filled areas. This would be a very expensive undertaking and could cost Mexico City a large amount of money. Mexico City's worsening air pollution is the most dangerous problem and health hazard presently facing the city. The air in the city is so polluted that at times the air quality exceeds 100 times the acceptable level. Thousands of factories and millions of vehicles are the main causes of the air pollution in Mexico City. Mexico City has many problems at the present time, and it does not look as if it is going to get much better in the future.

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Because of the large number of kilometers traveled each day by taxis, their emissions are quite high. Even though taxis account for only 3.4% of Mexico City’s vehicle fleet, the their emissions make 3.6% of particulate matter, 11.5% of sulfur dioxide, 10.7% of carbon monoxide, 10.2% of nitrogen oxide and 14% of volatile organic compounds of all transportation related emissions (McKinley et al., 2005). Thus, all the taxis around the city have to be diminished. Instead of taxis, the government should provide the residents with more buses and minibuses. The advantage of this policy is obvious: if there would be no taxis traveling in the city, less harmful gases would be emitted. Moreover, the analysis made by McKinley et al. (2005) suggests that a turnover of the taxi fleet due to its size and age would benefit from over $70 million US in reduced health impacts from air pollution, and would also benefit from fuel savings, whose costs summed up together, is greater than this measure’s investment cost. However, there are several drawbacks to this solution.

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The second program, PROAIRE 1995-2000 (Programa para Mejorar la Calidad del Aire en el Valle de Me´xico – Program to Improve Air Quality in the Valley of Mexico) had other major accomplishments, such as the introduction of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in gasoline to improve combustion efficiency, and carried out restrictions on the aromatic content of fuels and on the sulfur content in industrial fuel (McKinley et al., 2005). These programs have had significant impact on reduction of air pollution in the city. That is why more of these kinds of programs should be implemented in Mexico City, so the city can finally reduce the levels of air pollution to acceptable norms. For instance, the government should implement policies concerning taxis. According to Connolly (1999), taxis and individual cars that replaced traditional buses are the most polluting of all forms of transport. Approximately 110,000 taxis “circulate the streets of Mexico City” (McKinley et al., 2005, p.1955).

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Other leading causes of air pollution in Mexico City are the nearly 500 factories, refineries, and power plants in the city classified as high polluters. Few factories have properly installed or maintained emission controls, while many have none at all. Furthermore, because the price of noncompliance fines is lower than new equipment, there is little incentive for owners to change. Industrial enterprises produce ozone precursors that react in the presence of sunlight to form ground level ozone, which…

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Many factors contribute to air contamination on the border including industry, lack of vehicular emission controls, dirt roads, poor fuel quality, open burning (Crespin, 1994), agricultural dust and pesticides, and an expanding maquiladora industry (English, 1998). Especially vulnerable to these environmental problems is the large low-income population that lives along the border. In its 2001 annual report, the US-Mexico Border Health Commission estimated that 35 percent of the 11.5 million people residing in the 42 United States counties and 39 Mexican counties that line the border live below the poverty line. Like many low-income minority groups, low income border residents are more likely to be exposed to outdoor air pollutants and live in substandard housing with inadequate air circulation and filtration (Alexander et al, 2000).