The various causes of air pollution are:

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The major sources of air pollution are as follows:

Restricting air travel is the only way to prevent air pollution.

Some of the major effects of air pollution are discussed below:

There are far too many different harmful effects gained from air contamination. Consequences of which accounts peoples health and it severely affects the natural resources of our environment. Air pollution is a global problem as it is dispersed in our atmosphere, thus many areas suffers because of this. Places with large numbers of vehicles and industrialized factories are affected the most with the problem of air pollution causing constraints in the environment such as increased global warming and deterioration of the ozone layer.

Table 1 - Air pollution levels across the world

Air Pollution is not a new topic. It is a problem that we have noticed since the industrial revolution, when trees, houses and cars were covered in soot from the factories. People demanded change then, just as they are demanding it now. With all the talk of acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion it seems hopeless, but it isn't. Everyone can make a difference. After reading this you will understand the causes, effects and possible solutions to the problems of acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion. You will also see that things are bad but not hopeless.

Urban air pollution is a serious environmental problem in developed as well as in most

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More and more noise is the creation of modern civilization and has now become a major environmental pollutant, specially in urban areas. This irresponsible act contaminates our drinking water and can cause serious health problems and can even culminate in death. Besides, the important of because until now, the find out whether L1 English definitely they would and learning tool. Air pollution is a serious problem in our society these. Because of this, they have been observed to persist in the environment, to be capable of long-range transport, bioaccumulate in human and animal tissue, biomagnify in food chains, and to have potentially significant impacts on human health and the environment. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, no one paid any attention to the problem of pollution. An Argumentative Essay About Air Pollution Category: Environmental Problems, Environment Essay; Title: The Devastating Effects of Air Pollution.
developing countries. In the case of Brazil, air pollution concentrations have been rapidly

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These steps that are being taken to help air pollution will never change the fact that we will most likely always have air pollutions. The industrial life that we have here in the year 2004 leaves us with that one disadvantage. People enjoy being able to travel from place to place, and they enjoy the factories that provide them with the goods that they need. Air pollution can be controlled, but I don’t think it could ever be stopped.

One of the things that surprised me in our study is the important role of air pollution.

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The benefit of lichen is that it lives for a long time thus ensuring that studies can be done in any time of the year. They also can grow in wide range of geographical area. This allows studies to be conducted in a wide pollution gradient. Such properties are very helpful during temporary studies of air pollution. The best lichen that is use in the study of effects of the air pollution is the one that grow on the trees called epiphytic lichen. It does not have roots and it is well exposed to the environment as it hangs over the tree. This expose it well to the pollutants of air and their effects are not tempered with by soil minerals, as they are not in contact at any one time. This lichen depends on atmospheric gas, water seeping and deposition for their food. Therefore, these lichens tissues reflect the type of the air pollutants. Lichens that grow on the soil absorbs nutrient from the ground thus making their concentration to be tempered. Therefore, they are not good for pollution study.

If you can photograph your air pollution - you have a serious problem.

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While you may get the tendency to write extensively about a topic, stay focused with a single idea, then break it down into more specific details. Sewage in drinking water is another type of pollution, as it can make people ill because it contains germs and viruses. Air pollution is actually the addition of any harmful substances to the atmosphere, which causes the damaging of the environment, human health and the quality of life. Examples of primary pollutants are exhaust fumes (gas) from cars, soot from smoke, dust storms and ash from volcanic eruptions (as seen in the picture on the left). In fact air pollution is the occurrence or. Protective measures to ensure children’s health are being taken in cities such as New Delhi, India where buses now use compressed natural gas to help eliminate the “pea-soup” smog.