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On the other hand, it is undeniable that the plan could also bring negative effects to the society and to the environment. It is a fact that many factories are generating wastes and they could create harmful effects to the local environment. For example, the waste water from the factory might be directly flown into the local river and contaminated the surrounding environment. And then, the factory might also generate some smokes which might be a treat for the local people. These people might have some serious respiration problems due to inhaling the polluted air. Therefore there should be a clear regulation and strict monitoring over it in the future.

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Natural Sources
Although industrialization and the use of motor vehicles are overwhelmingly the most significant contributors to air pollution, there are important natural sources of "pollution" as well. Wildland fires, dust storms, and volcanic activity also contribute gases and particulates to our atmosphere.

Unlike the above mentioned sources of air pollution, natural "air pollution" is not caused by people or their activities. An erupting volcano emits particulate matter and gases; forest and prairie fires can emit large quantities of "pollutants"; plants and trees naturally emit VOCs which are oxidized and form aerosols that can cause a natural blue haze; and dust storms can create large amounts of particulate matter. Wild animals in their natural habitat are also considered natural sources of "pollution". The National Park Service recognizes that each of these sources emits gases and particulate matter into the atmosphere but we regard these as constituents resulting from natural processes.

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Mobile Sources
A mobile source of air pollution refers to a source that is capable of moving under its own power. In general, mobile sources imply "on-road" transportation, which includes vehicles such as cars, sport utility vehicles, and buses. In addition, there is also a "non-road" or "off-road" category that includes gas-powered lawn tools and mowers, farm and construction equipment, recreational vehicles, boats, planes, and trains.

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The quality of the air of Kanpurcity has been quite bad with maximum SPM level clocking well over 1,000 ug/m Air monitoring data for 1997 reveals a strange phenomenon: pollution levels are higher in residential areas as compared to industrial areas. This makes it clear that vehicular exhaust, particularly from Vikrams, contributes significantly to air pollution in this amazingly congested city. The city of 2.7 million people has about 3, 50,000 vehi­cles.

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However, the high concentration of the gases makes Earth warmer and affects the natural processes on the planet. Thus, air pollution is one of the contributors to the global warming.

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