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Although, there have been seen steps taken to reduce the emissions in automobiles, regulations has been a bit late for motorcycles. This does not take into account the other subjects related to pollution such as air contamination, water contamination, soil contamination, and solid waste mishandling ( L. Gari, 475 – 488).Unlike automobile emissions that have been regulated only after 1970s, the motorcycle emissions have only been regulated only after 1999. This technological advancement has made motorcycles less harmful to the environment. Thus, future bikes may have emissions from new motorcycles at a same level of emissions as cars. For example, the 1000cc Suzuki V-Strom produced in 2002, equipped with a regulated catalyzer, oxygen sensor and fuel injection, complies with 2003 emissions limits and is very close to the 2006 ones (Motorcycle Emission, 2008).

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To implement this, the government could advocate for voluntary abstention, enhancing public transit through other means as trains, have a different roads for commercial and private automobiles so as to have a reduction in the traffic and for efficiency. Besides, the government could include parks along the roads for bicycling and walking, to ensure there are walk paths and infrastructure for electric vehicles. It is within its reach to ensure reduced commuting through restructuring the urban setups, offering reward schemes, penalty schemes and implementing laws on fossil fuel usage. It could raise the concern of automobile pollutants by holding campaign rallies for alternatives energy such as natural gas, biofuels and use of electric cars (zell et al. 26). Moreover, automobile manufacturers should also ensure that they make cars, which are energy efficient, to curb the vice. Highway construction should be regulated and the government should find other means of achieving mass transportation. This is because traffic jams expose people to the risks and at the long run, limit efficiency. Smaller car also consumes less gasoline and moves faster while in the traffic.

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Automobile pollution not only causes health concerns such as lung cancers, but also has secondary effects when emitted to the atmosphere. This has raised the concern of the government and various environmental agencies in the U.S. Since 1970s, air quality has been pursued by the United States government through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Sevigny 1). The passage of Motor Vehicle Air pollution Control Act of 1965 by the federal government had to review level of automobile emission to set the appropriate standards (Jacobson 211). The Nixon Administration tried to manage pollution from automobile as one of its many objectives when it passed the Clean Air Act in 1965 (Bates & Kennedy 5). It defined the extent to which pollutants should not exceed by involving particular airborne hazards. Even with the passage of such laws, automobiles have continued to pollute the quality of air inhaled in the U.S and other parts of the globe. Many resident live in regions already declared as risky since they fail to meet the standards of the federal air quality, posing a public health risk that need to be addressed seriously. Automobiles air pollution has hazardous effect on both the motorist and non-motorists. Related legislations have not been fruitful and the quality of air has remained a global concern for decades. This calls for a multidisciplinary perspective to deal with the problem, which should be involved at a personal, governmental and community level.

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Vehicle emissions can affect the environment in several ways. Cars emit greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming. (See Reference 2, page 13) Some air pollutants and particulate matter from cars can be deposited on soil and surface waters where they enter the food chain; these substances can affect the reproductive, respiratory, immune and neurological systems of animals. (See Reference 5) Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are major contributors to acid rain, which changes the pH of waterways and soils and can harm the organisms that rely on these resources. (See Reference 9)

There were also other negative effects caused by the automobile such as air pollution and traffic accidents.

Air, health and groundwater pollution are of the most common

Automobile invention has continued to have profound effects in the world due to the fact that they have been owned by a large number of people, particularly in the U.S. This overreliance in automobile has generated environmental and health concerns, which trigger a number of global debates. Automobiles have a great environmental and lifestyle impact, an aspect that is attributed to the fossil fuel combustion (Wallace 138). The extent of automobiles pollutants differs and includes toxic exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, VOCs as well as particulate matters. Besides, the evaporative emissions emanate from fuel vapors that are emitted to the atmosphere, having not been fully combusted. The vapor could be managed by properly capping the fuel tanks, avoidance of having the petrol overfilled or addressing any leakages. Automobiles also release smoke, which contains incompletely combusted byproducts that are toxic to the eyes and the respiratory system, thus detrimental to human health. This is however, dependent on the periods of exposure, age, the health status of an individual and the concentration of these fumes that one is exposed to. This paper shall address specific automobile pollutants in relation to causes and public health, to draft possible recommendations to the obstacles, in order to manage the problem.

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To start with, it is acknowledged that present ownership of the automobiles is increasing day by day. According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics for 2004 there are a total of 243,023,485 registered passenger vehicles in the U.S. of which 136,430,651 (56.13%) are classified as cars. While 91,845,327 (37.79%) are classified under 2 axles and 4 tire vehicles, presumably SUV’s and pick-up trucks. Yet another 6,161,028 (2.53%) are classified as vehicles with 2 axles and 6 tires and 2,010,335 (0.82%) are classified as trucks in combination. In addition to that, there are approximately 5,780,870 motorcycles in the U.S. in 2004, which accounts for 2.37% of all registered passenger vehicles. With the increasing number of automobiles yearly, there is a plan to see an effective way of reducing the emissions from cars through hybrids, diesel and other form of technology.