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Water pollution is also a problem that we are currently facing. SPM SAMPLE OF ESSAYS – CONTINUOUS WRITING @ English For All . Soil pollution may cause health risks. Previous studies have shown disparities in exposure to pollution by race and/or income. Most effective is the switch to clean power sources such as wind power, solar power, hydro power which don’t cause air pollution. Clothing emits tetrachloroethylene, or other dry cleaning fluids, for days after dry cleaning. The dictionary definition of pollution is to make air, water, soil, etc. Several research groups were active in this model development, among which were: the Environmental Research and Technology (ERT) group in Lexington, Massachusetts, the ESL Inc.

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Read Air Pollution free essay and over 87, 000 other research documents. Air Pollution. Air pollution is defined as the contamination of the air by impurities.

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More and more noise is the creation of modern civilization and has now become a major environmental pollutant, specially in urban areas. This irresponsible act contaminates our drinking water and can cause serious health problems and can even culminate in death. Besides, the important of because until now, the find out whether L1 English definitely they would and learning tool. Air pollution is a serious problem in our society these. Because of this, they have been observed to persist in the environment, to be capable of long-range transport, bioaccumulate in human and animal tissue, biomagnify in food chains, and to have potentially significant impacts on human health and the environment. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, no one paid any attention to the problem of pollution. An Argumentative Essay About Air Pollution Category: Environmental Problems, Environment Essay; Title: The Devastating Effects of Air Pollution.

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Reference: Anonymous. Air Pollution Causing Global Warming This paper presents the causes and effects of air. These effects can result in increased medication use, increased doctor or emergency room visits, more hospital admissions and premature death. Use of coal, wood and kerosene as fuels for fire also causes air pollution. For example, getting the car tuned more frequently so it will create less smoke. This can be calculated[19] as an inhalation exposure. Essay on polution; pollution essay in english; essay on pollution for class 12;. Air pollution causes damage to the environment. Last Update: 2015-11-20
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Cars, for instance, make about 60% of the human-made air pollution. Human-made air pollution comes from many things. We can control ourselves and we should act carefully. Last Update: 2016-03-17
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Reference: Anonymous. Air Pollution Causing Global Warming This paper presents the causes and effects of air pollution. [2] India has the highest death rate due to air pollution. [52] An additional Danish study, also in 2011, likewise noted evidence of possible associations between air pollution and other forms of cancer, including cervical cancer and brain cancer. The chemicals can produce harmful vapors, or they can contaminate water supplies underneath the polluted soil. According to WHO, 21 per cent of all communi­cable diseases in India are water-borne diseases. Estimates of global average temperatures have projected an increase of as much as 9o F before the year 2100.

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The differences were more pronounced for subjects aged 50 to 59. By doing that the United States has started trying to make machines that will help reduce the pollution in the air which will help the environment. In most developed countries, land-use planning is an important part of social policy, ensuring that land is used efficiently for the benefit of the wider economy and population, as well as to protect the environment. The word “pollute” means to destroy the purity of things. As a result, air pollution causes people to suffer from health problems such as chest pain and asthma. Air pollution has reached such a critical stage where it affects the earth’s atmosphere as it lets in more harmful radiation from the sun. Air Pollution essaysAir pollution is actually the addition of any harmful substances to the atmosphere, which causes the damaging of the environment, human .