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One of the most common essay topics is the issue of environmental pollution. We can find many examples of works on it that have been done before, so it might be pretty hard to discuss it and discover something new.

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "environmental awareness"

At a state level, the bulk of environmental protection issues are left to the responsibility of the state or territory. Each state in Australia has its own environmental protection legislation and corresponding agencies. Their jurisdiction is similar and covers point-source pollution, such as from industry or commercial activities, land/water use, and waste management. Most protected lands are managed by states and territories with state legislative acts creating different degrees and definitions of protected areas such as wilderness, national land and marine parks, state forests, and conservation areas. States also create regulation to limit and provide general protection from air, water, and sound pollution.


Australia ranks second place on the UN 2010 and one of the lowest debt to ratios of the developed economies. This could be seen as coming at the cost of the environment, with Australia being the world leader in coal exportation and species extinctions. Some have been motivated to proclaim it is Australia's responsibility to set the example of environmental reform for the rest of the world to follow.

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There are various ways by which our environment gets polluted. Industrial development and its spread is one of the major causes of pollution. It pollutes the air by releasing smell, smoke, fumes and dust in air, by discharging wastes in rivers, wetlands, realizing many injurious gases like sulphuric dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, etc.

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Environmental pollution and health hazards caused by it, dates back to the history and progress of the human civilization. Earlier, pollutants in the form of gases, smoke, domestic wastes etc have given way to a wide variety of industrial waste ranging from toxic gases and heavy metallic oxides to a variety of man made compounds.
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Most kinds of air pollutions can be controlled by modern technology, but the costs ultimately be borne by the public in the form of higher prices for manufactured goods, higher taxes, redu­ced profit margins in industry, and more restrictions on individual activities such as burning leaves and trash and use of automobiles. The benefits involve not only improved environmental quality, but improved health, improved agriculture and plant growth, and reduced deterioration of material goods.

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Argumentative essay Global Warming (environment ..

Air pollution can affect our health in many ways. air (i.e., condensibles) that form particles or emissions from fires and resuspended dust. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AUTHOR INFORMATION PACK TABLE OF CONTENTS. Air Pollution Control. Environmental Pollution is an international journal that seeks to. . NRDC provides information on the Clean Air Act. enforce the Clean Air Act and educate the public on health threats caused by air pollution. Skip to main. Are you seeking air pollution information in marathi pdf? air pollution information in marathi pdf is.. Air pollution is a severe problem. Every year, air pollution costs the city over HKD$2 billion in health costs and lost productivity, according to research by Hong. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution is an international. To view the rest of this content please follow the download PDF link above.

In short, there is an urgent need for increasing public awareness for the conservation of environment.

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Deforestation too leads to environmental degradation. All these affects the three basic amenities of life, air, water and land and this has serious repercussions on health. Environmental pollution and health hazards are hand in glove with each other. To check these major efforts is required on the part of the administration and the citizens.