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This article proposes several legal solutions to fix the SCM’s environmental blind spot – invocation of the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) for some subsidies, using the SCM’s definition of subsidies to exclude some forms of support for renewable energy — especially Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) – from the WTO’s subsidies regime entirely, adopting a flexible interpretation of GATT Article XX’s environmental exception such that it may apply to subsidies, and negotiating a new WTO agreement for renewable subsidies. Of all the solutions proposed, this article argues that the best approach would be to apply GATT Article XX to the SCM. This approach is not obvious, because WTO law does not make clear the relationship between the GATT and the SCM. Nevertheless, strong legal and policy reasons support this approach.

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Let us first take a look at the causes of environmental pollution:

As the exposure to radioactive materials is severe and bears grave consequences, so radioactive pollution prevention is mandatory. It is only through prevention methods that safety can be assured. It is, in fact, our duty to see that our life support system and environment are not degraded by our activities and we hand over a clean and healthy environment free of all types of pollution to our future generations.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "Environmental"

Argumentative essay Global Warming (environment pollution) Poor management of solid waste is the leading cause of environmental degradation and pollution.

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.-Barry Commoner
Health Effects of Force-Feeding Biomass Noise Pollution into the Domestic Environment

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The Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) continues to encourage member states in meeting the Caribbean Challenge target of protecting 20 percent of marine and coastal habitats by 2020. The Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem Project and development of a Regional Fund for Wastewater Management will support regional collaboration to reduce the vulnerability of sensitive coastal and marine ecosystems by improving national and regional governance structures and developing new and innovative mechanisms for financing new pollution reduction activities.

28. Beer, T. (1997). Environmental Oceanography (2nd ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Inc.

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1. Effects on Humans: The effects of environmental pollution on humans are mainly physical, but can also turn into neuro-affections in the long term. The best-known troubles to us are respiratory, in the form of allergies, asthma, irritation of the eyes and nasal passages, or other forms of respiratory infections. Notably, these well spread affections can be observed when is high in cities, when the weather gets hot, for instance. On top of that, environmental pollution has been proven to be a major factor in the development of cancer. This can happen for example when we eat reminiscences of pollutants used in the production of processed foods, or pesticides from the crops. Other, rarer, diseases include hepatitis, typhoid affections, diarrhoea and hormonal disruptions.

— US EPA, "Unfinished Business: A Comparative Assessment of Environmental Problems" [1987]

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The Environmental Science Program at Florida Atlantic University is developing educational options that will produce environmental scientists, educators, professionals, managers and citizens with the ability to understand and provide technically sound and visionary solutions to environmental problems. The Environmental Science Program recommends that every FAU student attain some awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues. In order to understand the complex and diverse nature of local and global issues, the curriculum incorporates new courses, graduate and undergraduate certificates, thesis and non-thesis options and a focus on experiential learning. Environmental Science is designed to emphasize a holistic view of the relationship between humans and the environment, incorporating both an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary focus, with a focus on wetland and coastal systems. Programs of study include the undergraduate Environmental Science certificate, and a combined, accelerated program with Biological Sciences in which students may earn the B.S. in Biological Sciences and the M.S. in Environmental Science in five years.