The various causes of air pollution are:

Air pollution causes global warming which scientist believe is making the Earth warmer and melting ice up in the South and North Pole. The country Holland has had water from the ocean got too high for them and flooded into towns. Holland spent millions of dollars to put up “dikes” which are big barriers in the water to prevent their town to be completely submerged. With the ocean getting deeper coastal cites all around the world could flood, billions of dollars would be spent to try to prevent it…

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In the past thirty years, noise in all areas, especially in urban areas, has been rising rapidly. Road traffic, jet planes, garbage trucks, construction equipment, manufacturing processes, lawn mowers, and boom boxes, are among the audible litter that are consistently broadcasted in the air. There are numerous effects on the human environment due to the increase in noise pollution. Noise causes hearing loss, interferes with human activities at home and work, and is in various ways dangerous to people's health and well being. Studies show that over forty percent of Americans are disturbed at home or lose sleep because of noise pollution. The definite loudness of a sound is only one factor of the effect it has on human beings. Other aspects to consider are the time and place, the duration, the source of the sound, and whether the listener has any control over it.

Restricting air travel is the only way to prevent air pollution.

Natural air pollutants include (a) pollen, spores, (b) marsh gas, (c) volcanic gases and (a) synthesis of harmful chemicals by electric storms and solar flares. The major cause of pollution in the urban areas is automobiles which inefficiently burn petroleum, releases 75% of noise and 80% of air pollutants. Concentration of industries in one area is another major cause of air pollution.

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Indoor air pollution and poor urban air quality are listed as two of the world ..

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Hydrocarbons have carcinogen properties. Some of these are also harmful to plants because they cause senescence and abscission. In the presence of sunlight, hydrocarbons react with nitrogen oxides to produce ozone, peroxy-acyl nitrates, aldehydes and other compounds. Peroxy-acyl nitrates are a major constituent of air pollution. They cause eye irritation and respiratory diseases.

called The Vehicle Air Pollution Control Programme (PROCONVE), establishing maximum

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Conventional approaches to air quality monitoring are based on networks of static and sparse measurement stations. However, there are drivers behind current rises in the use of low-cost sensors for air pollution management in cities.

Air pollution is the  of air by smoke and harmful gases, mainly  of , , and .

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