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In this way soil and water pollution is also cause by the mixing up of the sewage water (having germs, viruses, harmful chemicals, etc) in drinking water, some dangerous agrochemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, organic compounds like ether, benzene, some radioactive materials including radium and thorium, solid wastes (industrial ashes, rubbish, garbage), etc. We need to follow all the control measures implemented by the government to check its harmful effects.

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Pure air is always needed for inhaling. If we take pure air, our health improves. On the other hand impure air causes diseases and impairs our health and causes our death. Smoke pollutes the air. It is the root of air pollution. The smoke which is discharged from industries, automobiles and kitchens is the mixture of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane etc. These are all poisonous gases. These cause lung-cancer, tuberculosis etc. which take a heavy toll of life. The glaring incident is the Bhopal gas leak in December 1984. Thousands of the residents of Bhopal died due to lungs problem which was caused by methylamine gas from the Union Carbide Plant.

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3. When you do introduce evidence, you tend to use it in place of developing your own argument. You do this for instance when you cite a long passage from an American Lung Association study at the end of your penultimate paragraph. That quotation is too long and its relevance is not clear enough.. It introduces claims that are unrelated to anything else in your essay (you talk elsewhere about holes in the ozone layer but that is a completely different problem from the problem of ozone smog mentioned in the quotation). You don't introduce the quotation or explain its context or analyse it or explain its significance for your argument. Those would all be good things to do with evidence that you present in an essay like this, but the most important thing to do is to clarify exactly how the evidence you present helps to support your argument. If you offer evidence in support of the claim that our society is not doing enough to tackle air pollution, for instance, then usually you need to explain how the evidence shows that we are not doing enough.

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Air Pollution is one of the most worrying problems of our time. This problem surfaced during the industrial revolution. The great industrial revolution brought about many positive changes to the world; better transportation, cheaper products, and a better life. However, with it’s riches came the price, pollution. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, no one paid any attention to the problem of pollution. As the science, progressed people started to realize this problem.
The best measure of air pollution contribution is the amount of fossil fuel burned.

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Bales1Air PollutionJaylan BalesEcologyApril 30, 2013Mr. JollyBales2The Impact of Air Pollution Plants are more sensitive than humans and animals to the effects of air pollution. The three most important pollutants are ozone, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide, with a greater impact on annual crops than perennial crops. The Gauteng State of the Environment Report (1995) highlighted the most significant air quality issues as follows; Global warming due to the generation of

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This is because: (a) children spend more time outside; (b) their general stamina is still building up; (c) they often take in more air while breathing; (d) their lungs are at a developing stage, and (e) they are not aware of air pollution and its seriousness. Air pollution can cause asthma, and can worsen symptoms in children and adults who already have asthma or other lung conditions.

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Air pollution arises from many sources. The burning of gasoline in automobiles produces harmful gases and incineration of products. From various factories come millions of particles that are carried off in the air. Chemical plants produce gaseous by-products that are toxic when their concentration is high enough. As parts of the world become more industrialized, air pollution has generally increased and new health hazards have developed. Air pollution can result from causes that we can not control. For example, forest fires, dust storms, and volcanoes.