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Inland for copper, gold, etc., is another source of marine pollution. Most of the pollution is simply soil, which ends up in rivers flowing to the sea. However, some minerals discharged in the course of the mining can cause problems, such as , a common industrial pollutant, which can interfere with the and development of coral polyps. Mining has a poor environmental track record. For example, according to the , mining has contaminated portions of the headwaters of over 40% of watersheds in the western continental US. Much of this pollution finishes up in the sea.

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If in task 2, I have to write about pollution then can I give 3 reasons as like, air pollution, Marine pollution, Land degradation as in 1, 2 and 3 paragraph as body?
For 3rd paragraph of body anti-logic is necessary or not?

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resources have adversely affected environmental balance. Environ­mental pollution in India has increased manifold, One of the greatest problems confronting

(c) “Environmental pollution” means the presence in the environment of any environmental pollutant;

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Essays on environmental pollution a rose for emily essay good college application essay samples essay Write a short essay on environmental pollutionThrough time, as distant as the early periods when Homo habilis first roamed the earth, man has incessantly entered into conflict with nature. As the primitive man has evolved, he has become over-dependant on nature to the point where he takes advantage of its abundance of gifts. Despite the fact that man has a tendency to desecrate nature, there are those who recognize and praise its power and make an effort to become one with it. Though it may sound refreshing to know that man can appreciate nature, being truly considerate of nature is virtually impossible. A person who has read Ernest Hemingway's final novel, The Old Man and the Sea, and has interpreted the protagonist as a lover of all creatures is manipulated by Hemingway's usage of biblical allusions to suggest a concealed Christ figure in the old man, Santiago. Hemingway's novel uses the timeless theme of man versus nature to tell a story, with the support of allusions to Christ, of an old man who, after losing his only reason for living, strives to prove himself a superior individual and discover the meaning of life through nature.

Pollution Essay 5 (200 words) Pollution has become a major environmental issue as it has created lots of health hazards to the people and animals of any age group.

Protecting the environment is one of today’s most serious issues. It is not a secret that our planet is in danger! Almost every day we hear about a new problem affecting the environment. This list seems to be endless! The main issues are pollution, acid rain, greenhouse effect, climate change, rainforest destruction, and the extinction of thousands of animal and plant species. We are all aware of these concerns and can admit that we caused them. Most people really care about the future of our planet and realize it is time to improve the situation; otherwise, the environmental issues will become worse, with each of us suffering the negative consequences. It all seems to be really depressing but each of us, no matter what our age group, can do something to slow down the destructive processes and reduce the potential harm. We have to learn to be environmentally friendly in using natural resources like water, air, forests, agriculture, and wildlife without damaging them. It is very important to preserve the natural resources we have today so that future generations can also use them. Here are some examples of the problems we face today and the possible solutions for addressing them.
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The history of environmental policy in Mexico started in the 1940s with the enactment of the Law of Conservation of Soil and Water (in Spanish: Ley de Conservación de Suelo y Agua). Three decades later, at the beginning of the 1970s, the Law to Prevent and Control Environmental Pollution was created (Ley para Prevenir y Controlar la Contaminación Ambiental).

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Our understanding of how pollution affects our environment and us has improved throughout history because of work done by concerned scientists and citizens. Through their observations and investigations, these individuals have contributed to our appreciation of pollution impacts. Through their public action, these people have instigated changes in laws and public opinion. The work of these individuals has made a significant and beneficial change in the way we exist in, and treat, our environment.

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