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This is usually done to through a variety of coordinating agencies which monitor the air and the environment. Moreover, cigarette smoke is considered as one of the most dangerous air pollutants. Thus, restricting smoking is an important key to a healthier environment. Legislation to control smoking is in effect in some locations, but personal exposure should be monitored and limited wherever possible Besides, adequate ventilation is also a key to controlling exposure to indoor air pollution. Home and work environments should be monitored for adequate air flow and proper exhaust systems installed. Finally, the amount of air pollution on the planet can only be reduced and solved through the efforts of legislators, individuals, scientists and business leaders. All of us need to solve the problem together to make sure that healthy and clean environment will exist for us.

Essay on Marine Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control!

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution!

Your search returned over 400 essays for "Environment"

Now most of humanity lives under intersecting domes of reflected, refracted light. Of all the pollutions we face, light pollution is perhaps the most easily remedied. Remarkable Custom Essay Writing Service for UK Students. Seems like being stuck in all those piles of paper assignments and reference sources is a situation quite. October 5, 2011 Essay # 3 Pollution happens absolutely everywhere, every single second of the day, everywhere on earth. It happened in any city, any town,. How to Stretch out an Essay. Hitting the word count for a given assignment can sometimes be tough. If your teacher or professor set a particular page count, he or she.

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This essay on environment pollution is not meant for any negative purposes. We only want to educate the people involved in facing this catastrophic situation. There are various students who are intending for their assignment like ? And looking to write a compelling on this subject. Our this essay on environment pollution may extend a helping hand for them to achieve their goals of academic writing on this particular subject.

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Essay on Marine Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control

Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems faced by humanity today. Air, water and soil-all harmed by pollution are necessary to the survival of all living things. Badly polluted air can cause illness, and even death. Polluted water kills fish and other marine life. Pollution of soil reduces the amount of land available for growing food. Environmental pollution brings ugliness to our naturally beautiful world. Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is as complicated as it is serious. It is complicated because much pollution is caused by things that benefit people.

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Land pollution tends to bring a lot of harmfulness that affect the whole environment. For example, the growth of the population and the wider use of ‘throw-away’ bottles and cans will spoil the beauty of our environment. In addition, the discarded solid waste, if untreated, will decay which producing bad smells and polluting the environment. Besides that, land pollution that cause by the excavation of metal ores, sand and limestone will lead to large scale quarrying and defacing the countryside. Next, increased in urbanization will increase the demand of raw materials as the demand for housing is increased. This will directly lead to destruction of forest. Moreover, the land pollution which due to increased agricultural land and field size will results in loss of habitat and shelter for wildlife disappear.

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Under the approach, attempts to protect the environment have especially relied on isolating contaminants from the environment and using end-of-pipe filters and scrubbers. These solutions have tended to focus on media-specific environmental quality objectives or emission limits, and have been primarily directed at point source discharges into specific environmental media (air, water, soil). As environmental pollution control technologies have become more sophisticated and more expensive, there has been a growing interest in ways to incorporate prevention in the design of industrial processes – with the objective of eliminating harmful environmental effects while promoting the competitiveness of industries. Among the benefits of pollution prevention approaches, clean technologies and toxic use reduction is the potential for eliminating worker exposure to health risks.