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Plastic bags are the preferred mode of packaging for many products in the markets of today. This is due to the fact that they are light, inexpensive and easy to produce. They are also utilized in agriculture for cultivating crops in controlled environments besides being used in the manufacture of protective material. However, plastic is made of synthetic polymers that constitute the non-biodegradable and inorganic material like Styrene (Aquinus, 2010). The nature of the plastic material makes its disposal a challenge that leads into pollution. This research looks into the dangers brought about by the use of plastic bags and possible solutions to the problem.

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Free Essay Reviews. plastic bottles contain a chemical that causes depression and dizziness so when consumers by them water bottles are not as fresh as we.

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Plastic water bottles General Purpose: Plastic bottles contain a toxin called BPA, Essay about Reusable Water Bottles Outline: Reusable Water Bottles I.

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Water Bottles. Search Scientist found not only water itself is unsafe, the plastic also has a problem. . However, Essay Preview. prev next.

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The Effects Of Plastic Waste Environmental Sciences Essay. clear plastic cups, body bottles, water bottle of 5 The Effects Of Plastic Waste Environmental.

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Two studies on several islands off Jakarta Bay and islands further to the northwest in the Java Sea, reported that debris pollution on shorelines had substantially increased between 1985 and 1995 (Uneputty and Evans 1997b, Willoughby et al. 1997). Both studies noted that results implicated Jakarta as a major source of the debris. On 23 of the islands, it was reported that the total litter at the strandline ranged from not detectable to 29.1 items/m (Willoughby et al. 1997). Plastic bags, polystyrene blocks, and discarded footwear accounted for 80 percent of the items found.

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.... Have you ever heard the phrase “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Well, plastic does not pollute the ocean people pollute the ocean. The pollution of the ocean with plastics is a tragedy. I applaud the people at Chameleon Packaging for creating a solution to the problem and not just promoting an agenda and if they have an agenda at least it is part of, or has a solution. Unlike global warming which has no solution because it is only a tool designed to invoke an emotion in people. In my narrow opinion I believe the warnings and threats of global warming are dying down and in five years will be completely dead. Because in five years the media and politicians will accept that the Earth is going into a cooling phase and not a warming one. But that’s just me, and that is for another long paper, and now to our main story… Chameleon Packaging is a division of Design & Source Productions established in 1996. They are a company dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives in packaging. They have created three very intriguing products, TerraSkin, Double P, and Biodegradable plastic. TerraSkin seems like a great solution to a problem. Made from 75% mineral powder and 25% non-toxic resign it does not require a single tree to be cut down and as a bonus it does not require water to produce it. It also uses 20-30% less ink to print on and is also water proof. One disadvantage may be that it is too environmentally friendly. If left out it will...