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A second cause of air pollution is an increase in the number of vehicles. The cost of motorbikes is very cheap and quite afforable for most families. For example: it is quite common for each families to have 3 to 4 motorbikes in the family. As the number of vehicles increases, the levels of air pollution increase.

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Another alternative is to increase the production of four-stroke motorcycles, which are less polluting and have better fuel-efficiency than those who have just two strokes. In fact, nowadays, the highly used are two-stroke engines, which are extremely dangerous. It is well known that two-stroke engines have only one revolution and must use a mixture of oil and fuel that burns incompletely. Then almost 25% of that oil and fuel is spit out, unburned, through exhaust. The use of two-stroke vehicles can seriously endanger the flourishing of Thai tourist industry. Therefore, four-strokes engine production is very important. The four-stroke versions are much cleaner. The operating cost, however, may be lower as they are more fuel-efficient.

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Cars and trucks are one of the leading causes of air pollution—but cleaner vehicles can help.

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Electric vehicles are different because of the fact they don’t require fuel in the traditional sense. A car powered by electricity alone will still need to be charged. Where this power comes from is up to the operator. Electric vehicles are charged by plugging them into an electrical grid. These grids can be powered by coal, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric, solar, wind, nuclear, and others. All of these sources are cleaner compared to the amount of air pollution emitted by mass amounts of vehicles…

Pollution Essay for etc. Rate of pollution is increasing due to the Increasing in the number of vehicles on the roads causes air pollution.

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Air pollution is the mixing of foreign substances to the whole atmospheric air. Harmful and toxic gases emitted by the industries and motor vehicles causing huge damage to the living organisms whether plants, animals or human beings. Some of the natural and various human resources are causing air pollution. However, most of the air pollution sources are stem out of the human activities like burning fossil fuels, coal and oil, release of harmful gases and substances from factories and motor vehicles. Such harmful chemical compounds like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, solid particles, etc are getting mixed to the fresh air. The level of air pollution has become increased by great extent because of 690% increase in damaging pollutants because of the expanded need of motor vehicles from last century.

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Strong federal and state policies also help. Vehicle emission standards have helped cut pollution from cars and trucks by about 90 percent since 1998, with further improvements coming from the . Future emissions reductions from trucks and other freight sources are essential for meeting air quality standards and protecting the health of those who live and work close to ports, rail yards, and freight corridors.