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A comprehensive solution to the Ganga pollution lies in dealing with three problem areas: one, finding water to dilute and assimilate waste; two, finding innovative ways to check the growing amount of untreated sewage discharged into the river; and three, fixing the enforcement to stop industries from discharging waste into the river.

Firstly, it would mean accepting that in India, where the cost of treating dirty water is unaffordable, measures to control river pollution must be based on the principle of availability of water for dilution.

The available standards for “acceptable water quality” provide for a dilution factor of 10. That is why discharge standards for water bodies are set at 30 BOD, while bathing water quality standard is 3 BOD.

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ccording to the CPCB’s monitoring data, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels are high downstream of Haridwar, Kannauj and Kanpur, and peak at Varanasi. But what is worrying is that pollution is getting worse in all the stretches.

This is not surprising given that, all along this heavily populated stretch, freshwater intake from the river is increasing. Water is drawn for agriculture, industry and cities, but only waste is returned to the river.

Over the years, funds allocated for cleaning the Ganga have been used to create infrastructure, without much attention to their use and efficacy.

Most cities do not have the infrastructure to convey the sewage to the treatment plant; and most cities certainly do not have the money to run the plant.

Worse still, the amount of sewage that is estimated for treatment is wide of the mark. A recent estimate by the CPCB shows the difference between the official estimate of sewage and the measured discharge of wastewater into the Ganga is as much as 3,364 million litres per day.

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The industries mostly tanneries located on the banks of the river and polluted areas of Kanpur and Calcutta were discharging trade effluents in the river Ganga. These trade effluents were highly toxic compared with the domestic sewage water which was also discharged into the river. The water of the river Ganga had become highly noxious as the tanneries and nine nallas were discharging trade effluents and domestic sewage water into the river. At various places half-burnt bodies and other noxious materials were also thrown into the river. Due to the failure of the authorities to obey the statutory duties for several years, the water in the river Ganga at Kanpur could no longer be used by the people either for drinking or for bathing. Mr. Mehta read an article ‘Fire in Ganga’ which was on account of the toxicity of the water of the river Ganga and on the basis of the same he filed the writ petitions.

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In August, the National Ganga River Basin Authority was transferred to the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation from the Ministry of Environment, wherein all issues related to conservative, development management and abatement of pollution in river Ganga and its tributaries came under the purview of the Ministry of Water Resources.

confirmed that the state of affairs with regard to pollution mitigation of the Ganga River has ..

Essay on pollution of river ganga

In India, river pollution has crossed the mark of crisis. Three important river systems of the north like Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra are suffering from pollution. Maximum populated areas of the world are settled in all the three basins. These river systems originating from snow peaks of Himalayas are the basis of prosperity of India in different forms.