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The protection ofthe environment has become a major concern in all levels of political, socialand economic arenas. As we enter the next millennium we must ask ourselves whattype of environment do we want to live in? How do we want our children to growup? The practical answers to these questions are difficult, but not thetheoretical ones. Theoretically, the perfect world is one in which we do nothave to fear pollution, we do not have to be afraid of the water we drink, orthe air we breath. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and we have nochoice but to worry.

The various causes of air pollution are:

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Air pollution has reached such devastating proportions that it is now the cause of one in four deaths among children under five, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Water pollution affects both terrestrial and aquatic life. Aquatic and terrestrial life all depends on water for survival. For example the oil spill by BP caused a lot of damage to both aquatic and terrestrial life. Such a spill prevents air and sunlight from reaching the organisms that live in the water. Without air and sunlight life will not be able to be sustained and all the organisms die. Such pollution also affects the fish since pollutant may block the gills of fish, preventing them from breathing and thus killing them. Oil is also dangerous if ingested by the organism and may cause death because it is harmful. Fertilizers and other farm chemicals find themselves in rivers and lakes when they are washed up by rains. Such chemicals are dangerous to the living organism in the water. Since they are chemicals when ingested they kill organisms in the water. If the water that is contaminated is ingested by humans and other terrestrial animals it may also be dangerous. Such chemicals in humans may cause various conditions including liver and kidney problems. Other diseases for example cholera and diarrhea are a direct effect of ingesting contaminated water. Such diseases lead to loss of life. Industrial wastes that are dumped into rivers and water bodies are also very dangerous (David 28).

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It accounts for 50% of the total atmospheric pollutants. It is formed by incomplete combustion of carbon fuels in various industries, motor vehicles, hearths, kitchens, etc. Carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin of blood and impairs its oxygen carrying capacity. At higher concentration, carbon monoxide proves lethal.

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From Kauppi, M. (1983), different species of lichens have different response towards air pollutants. The pattern at which they react to pollutants range from being a little bit resistance to very sensitive. Study shows lichen to be very sensitive towards the effect of sulfur pollutant. At ambient sulfur pollutant concentration, the most sensitive species dies of its effect at an annual range of 0.003- 0.012 parts per million (ppm). While concentration of sulfur pollutant exceeding 0.048 parts per million (ppm) cannot be tolerated by most of the species. Lichens tend to be affected by as low and short-term nitrogen dioxide exposure of 0.03 ppm. Ozone (03) also has adverse effects on lichen especially at concentration range of 0.09-0.12 ppm.