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Day by day the fresh air of the environment is getting polluted because of the mixing of particulates, biological molecules, and other harmful materials. Such polluted air is causing health problems, diseases and death. Air pollution is one of the most important environmental issues which requires to be noticed and solved by the efforts of all of us. In order to increase awareness among students about this issue, Air Pollution Essay has become an important topic for the essay writing competition. So, students you are at right place, just go ahead. Such Essay on Air Pollution will help you to win essay writing competition because all are written in very simple English language using easy words.

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... temperature can also give off those unhealthy gases (Chemical Science, 2006). Direct Cause and Effect The health effects from exposure to indoor air pollution can result in many health effects. Biological pollutants ...

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As one can surely see these types of air pollutants are harmful to our atmosphere, environment and personal health. Factory owners can help prevent all of these effects. Researchers have found different ways to remove these pollutants from the air. One device designed to remove hydrocarbons from the atmosphere "is an improved low pollution invisible flare burner which comprises a tall stack lined with ceramic. Primary air is introduced under pressure in a tube below and coaxial with the stack. The top of the tube contains a burner for the vented hydrocarbon gases" (Sittig 227). Within this device different air mixtures provide means for complete combustion of the vented gases with low emission of smoke and light. Another method wherein gases contaminate with vapors from volatile organic liquids are recovered by containing the vapor- containing gas in an absorbed tower with a sponge oil which absorbs the vapors. Both methods can successfully remove hydrocarbon (Sittig

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There are conflicting views whether improvements in technological efficiency and innovation will enable a complete decoupling of economic growth from environmental degradation. On the one hand, it has been claimed repeatedly by efficiency experts that resource use intensity (i.e., energy and materials use per unit ) could in principle be reduced by at least four or five-fold, thereby allowing for continued economic growth without increasing resource depletion and associated pollution. On the other hand, an extensive historical analysis of technological efficiency improvements has conclusively shown that improvements in the efficiency of the use of energy and materials were almost always outpaced by economic growth, in large part because of the or resulting in a net increase in resource use and associated pollution. Furthermore, there are inherent thermodynamic (i.e., ) and practical limits to all efficiency improvements. For example, there are certain minimum unavoidable material requirements for growing food, and there are limits to making automobiles, houses, furniture, and other products lighter and thinner without the risk of losing their necessary functions. Since it is both theoretically and practically impossible to increase resource use efficiencies indefinitely, it is equally impossible to have continued and infinite economic growth without a concomitant increase in resource depletion and environmental pollution, i.e., economic growth and resource depletion can be decoupled to some degree over the short run but not the long run. Consequently, long-term sustainability requires the transition to a in which total GDP remains more or less constant, as has been advocated for decades by and others in the community.
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noise pollution is damaging to humans, it also has harmful effects on the environment. Like humans, when exposed to noise, animals become stressed. The animal’s balance of predator/prey detection and avoidance is also interfered with and therefore increases the animal’s risk of death. Overexposure to unwanted sound can also lead to an animal’s temporary or even permanent hearing loss. Noise also sometimes contributes to a species’ extinction. When the animals are exposed to the noise pollution, they…

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rights too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans” (Pollution Quotes, 2013). Hence, attention must be provided to this devastating issue. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse changes (Wieman, 2013). There are numerous types of pollution, such as light, air, land, water, noise, thermal and radioactive pollution. In an article, the author…

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A wide range of employment options exist in environmental and occupational health departments, public health and safety agencies, private industry, solid and hazardous waste management, general sanitation engineering, water and air pollution control, and consulting firms. The degree prepares graduates for advanced degrees in industrial hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, ecology, and many others while satisfying entrance requirements for professional degree programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.