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With luck and the right atmospheric conditions,air and water pollution disperse and disappear. What makes landpollution such a problem is that land is static, so land pollutionstays exactly where it is until and unless someone cleans it up. Landthat's polluted stays polluted; land that's urbanized almostinvariably stays urbanized. As we've already see, plastics takehundreds of years to disappear while radiation can contaminate landfor ten times longer. That means landfill sites and radioactive wastedumps remain that way pretty much indefinitely.

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If you define "land pollution" as irreversibledamage to the land, you have to include soil erosion as a type of pollution too. Many people think soil is soil, always there, never changing,ever ready to grow whatever crops we choose to bury in it. Inreality, soil is a much more complex growing thatremains productive only when it is cared for and nurtured. Too muchwind or water, destruction of soil structure by excessive plowing,excessive nutrients, overgrazing, and overproduction of crops erodesoil, damaging its structure and drastically reducing itsproductivity until it's little more than dust. At its worst, soilerosion becomes :once-productive agricultural areas become barren, uselessdeserts. How serious is the problem? In 2001, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annanwarned the world that: "Drought and desertification threaten the livelihood of over 1 billion people in more than 110 countries around the world." .Deforestation doesn't only harm the place where the trees are cut down.A 2013 study by Princeton University researchers found that if theAmazon rainforest were completely destroyed, it would have a dramaticeffect on the atmosphere, which would carry across to places like theUnited States, causing drought and potentially desertification there as well .

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A second common criticism of Leopold is that he fails to state clearly why we should adopt the land ethic. He often cites examples of environmental damage (e.g., soil erosion, pollution, and deforestation) that result from traditional human-centered, "conqueror" attitudes towards nature. But it is unclear why such examples support the land ethic specifically, as opposed to biocentricism or some other nature-friendly environmental ethic. Leopold also frequently appeals to modern ecology, evolutionary theory, and other scientific discoveries to support his land ethic. Some critics have suggested that such appeals may involve an illicit move from facts to values. At a minimum, such critics claim, more should be said about the normative basis of Leopold's land ethic.

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Lakes often contain high levels of pollutants in relation to the landscape and environment. Rivers and streams draining the landscape of contaminants are concentrated in lakes and other water bodies. Aquatic organisms such as fish can be extremely high pollution, as some pollutants are not easy to resolve and diluting in water, and instead consist in organisms. Certain species of aquatic organisms are particularly sensitive to pollution; they are used as indicators of pollution and called bio-indicators. Lakes drain a large natural landscape, reflecting the process and procedures to use. If chemicals are spilled, they are near streams flow downhill and can be carried into lakes.

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Land pollution, in other words, means degradation or destruction of earth’s surface and soil, directly or indirectly as a result of human activities. Anthropogenic activities are conducted citing development, and the same affects the land drastically, we witness land pollution; by drastic we are referring to any activity that lessens the quality and/or productivity of the land as an ideal place for agriculture, forestation, construction etc. The degradation of land that could be used constructively in other words is land pollution.