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One of the early examples of cost-benefit analysis for chemical pollution control is the study of three Japanese classical pollution diseases: Yokkaichi asthma, Minamata disease, and Itai-Itai disease (). This analysis was intended to highlight the economic aspects of pollution control and to encourage governments in developing countries to consider both the costs and the benefits of industrial development. The calculations take into account the 20 or 30 years that have elapsed since the disease outbreaks occurred and annualize the costs and benefits over a 30-year period. The pollution damage costs are the actual payments for victims' compensation and the cost of environmental remediation. The compensation costs are based on court cases or government decisions and can be seen as a valid representation of the economic value of the health damage in each case. As shows, controlling the relevant pollutants would have cost far less than paying for damage caused by the pollution.

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We will not have to mention all the various organization fighting against air pollution in the United States and Europe, however, we at least have to pay some attention to one of the major social organizations —The United States Air Pollution Control Association, which recently celebrated 50 years of its existence. Through public meetings, literary propaganda, the public, industry, and government appeals, as well as through various other ways, these societies do not get tired to stress that there is a need for a serious attitude towards atmospheric pollution and fight against turning them into a permanent condition of city life.

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Continuous and unnecessary cutting down of the forests, urbanization and large production through industrialization has involved as a huge causes of the pollution. Harmful and poisonous wastes created from such activities causes irreversible changes to the soil, air and water which ultimately push lives towards pain. This big social issue needs a public level social awareness programme to destroy by its root to get complete relief.

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Examples of technologies to reduce air pollution include the use of lead-free gasoline, which allows the use of catalytic converters on vehicles' exhaust systems. Such technologies significantly reduce the emissions of several air pollutants from vehicles (). For trucks, buses, and an increasing number of smaller vehicles that use diesel fuel, improving the quality of the diesel itself by lowering its sulfur content is another way to reduce air pollution at the source. More fuel-efficient vehicles, such as hybrid gas-electric vehicles, are another way forward. These vehicles can reduce gasoline consumption by about 50 percent during city driving. Policies that reduce "unnecessary" driving, or traffic demand management, can also reduce air pollution in urban areas. A system of congestion fees, in which drivers have to pay before entering central urban areas, was introduced in Singapore, Oslo, and London and has been effective in this respect.

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, we hear it every other day at school, college and read about it in newspapers. So what is it? Pollution occurs when pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings; which brings about changes that affect our normal lifestyles adversely. Pollutants are the key elements or components of pollution which are generally waste materials of different forms. Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. With modernization and development in our lives pollution has reached its peak; giving rise to global warming and human illness.

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In addition, to improve analysis of the economic costs of health impacts, better estimates are needed of the burden of disease related to chemical air and water pollution at local, national, and global levels. Cost-effectiveness analysis of air and water pollution control measures in developing countries needs to be supported by further research, as cost levels and benefit valuations will vary from country to country, and solutions that are valid in industrial countries may not work as well in developing countries. Strategies for effective air and water resource management should include research on the potential side effects of an intervention, such as in Bangladesh, where tube wells drilled to supply water turned out to be contaminated with arsenic (see ). Research is also needed that would link methodologies for assessing adverse health effects with exposure and epidemiological studies in different settings to permit the development of more precise forecasting of the health and economic benefits of interventions.