Essay on Water Pollution: Types, Causes, Effects and Control!

are one of the leading causes of air pollution. , , , , and are the world leaders in air pollution emissions. Principal stationary pollution sources include , coal-fired , , plants, disposal activity, incinerators, large livestock farms (dairy cows, pigs, poultry, etc.), factories, metals production factories, plastics factories, and other . Agricultural air pollution comes from contemporary practices which include clear felling and burning of natural vegetation as well as spraying of pesticides and herbicides

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution!

The various causes of air pollution are:

The main causes of soil pollution are described below in details:

Air pollution has a similarity to water pollution. Like water pollution, the cause of air pollution is contaminants. While water pollution harms bodies of water, air pollution antagonizes the earth’s atmosphere. When toxic gasses contaminate the air, the effects to the health of individuals who inhale this air are unimaginable. People who live in the urban areas such as Los Angeles, California or Beijing, China are more likely to suffer from respiratory complications like tuberculosis and even lung cancer. Today, stricter regulations are implemented to improve air quality in the most polluted places in the world. China, for example, has banned vehicles that produce the most air contaminants. Since it is in their people’s interest to become safe from the harms of air pollution, we could expect that these efforts continue. So you should be rest assured that when it comes to , we make sure your composition contains all of such important information.

Listed below are few causes of soil pollution:

An essay about pollution ensures that all of us must realize the innate human responsibility to protect the environment. Not only should we knowledgeable of the causes of pollution through an essay about land pollution . Rather, we should take concrete actions be active solvers of the problem so that the future generations have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and pure land to live in and not just gadgets that key in words such as “ essay land pollution ” or “trees”.

The second highest cause of water pollution is ship waste. Ships used to

Causes of Land Pollution

Thermal power plants generate a large quantity of ‘Fly ash’. Huge quantities of these wastes are dumped on land which cause land pollution. Mining also affects ground and surface waters, the aquatic life, vegetation, soils, animals, and the human health. Acid mine drainage can cause damage to streams which in return can kill aquatic life.

to its maximum potential is the key to eliminate many of the causes of land pollution

4. Land Conversion
Land Conversion is the process whereby a piece of land is converted from its indigenous form to a form used for either agriculture or infrastructure. Land conversion is especially a growing problem that we possibly do not have a good – or a good enough – solution for. The best way to avoid land conversion is to make efficient use of the available land. Using a piece of land to its maximum potential is the key to eliminate many of the causes of land pollution.
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4. Avoid littering. Excessive littering is one of most common reasons for land pollution. 5. Take initiative to inform others about the harmful effects of littering. Organic wastes must be disposed off in areas that are far from human or animal habitation. Waste like plastic, metals, glass and paper must be recycled and reused. 6. Improve fertility of the land by reforesting. Soils in forested lands are far more fertile than soil without trees, suggesting that trees have the ability to fertilize land.

Below mentioned are some such effects of soil pollution, which are visible at some places.

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4. Effect on human health: The land when contaminated with toxic chemicals and pesticides lead to problem of skin cancer and human respiratory system. The toxic chemicals can reach our body through foods and vegetables that we eat as they are grown in polluted soil.

In order to understand the causes of air pollution ,several division can be made.

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3. Soil Pollution
Soil Pollution is when the top-most ‘soil’ layer of land is destroyed or polluted. Soil pollution is again another cause of land pollution that affects not only the land, but also a lot of other things such as forest cover of a region, productivity of land in terms of agriculture, grazing etc. Soil pollution is also caused by wrong agricultural practices, such as overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This causes non-biodegradable chemicals to enter and accumulate in the food-chain – a process often referred to as biomagnification of a pollutant.