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Environmental Pollution Essay environmental pollution essay Environment Essay 1 (100 words) An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow.

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Short Essay on Environmental Pollution Mili Advertisements: Environmental pollution is the biggest menace to the human race on this planet today.

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The effects we could do to save our planet from pollution could be proactive, instead of catastrophic and disastrous. Everyone benefits when we have clean water, air, land, etc. not just one thing. For example, you never hear any news on the TV, or over the internet talking about how a person passed away from clean air overdose, that would be crazy. Instead we hear news like, man died from pollution, family living in home pollution, water tests show pollution particles, the list could go on forever. By identifying the problem early, we can start to reverse the pollution process. Therefore, we can take what we have now and set new standards and laws that can help us from killing ourselves in the long run and putting the earth in a more clean state. The problem is, not everyone agrees with the fact that pollution is hurting us right now, or going to hurt us, and new generations to come. People get this information from insignificant and false sources and then spread that information to others that will willingly listen, without objection. This statement misses the point though; the fact is people are trying to help us now. And even though we might not feel the negative effects, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening to us right now. Some places have higher levels of pollution in their air and water and those people might be in more danger than...

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The third type is land pollution. It is the degradation of land resources, usually caused by human activities. As a result, the quality of land which should be maintained for the benefit of human productivity such as agriculture and construction is not achieved. The major causes of land pollution are as follows: mining, deforestation, and industrialization. The different causes also produce a variety of harms. Mining results in land spaces beneath, thus creating sink holes. Deforestation is elementary. You may already be familiar of this through a land pollution essay or a school lecture. The number of trees are lessened, the lesser stability the soil haves. As an implication, floods and soil erosion persist. For industrialization, the insatiable needs of man cause the environmental destruction. Since more food, water, and other needs should be produced, more by-products also need to be disposed. Because of this, more dump sites are created and more portions of land are harmed. Today, while governments cannot prevent these problems from transpiring because of the need to develop, they continuously regulate these harmful activities. Moreover, environmental groups such as Greenpeace continue to serve as “watchdogs” to keep environmental protection as a goal of humanity.

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Cause and effect essay sample on environmental pollution: Among the problems that worry modern humanity the most, pollution probably takes one of the top places.