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: Now comes the process of de-inking, to remove printing ink and adhesive deposits left in the pulp. Sometimes, de-inking can be combination of two processes, such as flotation and washing. Heavy particles are taken off through air bubbles, which is called floating, and small deposits are removed by rinsing with water, which is called washing. During floating, the pulp is mixed with air and transported into the flotation cell, where ink and sticky deposits detach from the pulp and float on the top of the mixture with air bubbles. The foam created due to sticky and contaminated air bubbles is separated, thus leaving clean pulp in the container.

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The various causes of air pollution are:

Our garbage will poison us. By mentioning Love Canal, Dittersdorf made landfills sound like the Slough of Despond, Bunyan's dread swamp. But it's not fair to compare modern municipal-trash landfills with Love Canal, an old industrial dump filled with large concentrations of toxic chemicals that seeped into the ground when a school was, stupidly, built on the site. (Even so, it's not clear that any of the schoolchildren were poisoned. Exhaustive scientific studies around Love Canal haven't detected any increase in cancer rates.)

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This IELTS environment vocabulary lesson helps you out with words and ideas to discuss a key IELTS topic

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A lot of animals die because they confuse the plastics for the food they normally eat. Their bellies get full of plastics and eventually they die very slowly of starvation.

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In addition to the recycling of various wastes into new products, another topic that is of great interest to environmentalists is alternative or renewable power sources. Some of Nature's most cleanest power sources are solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, and geothermal energy. Solar devices now exist that are capable of supplying all the energy needs of a residence, including electricity, water and space heating, and space cooling.8 Some of these devices are too expensive to be put into use by the average homeowner. The problem that faces many of today's researchers is too make this technology competitive with other forms of energy that are already in use. Hydropower cannot be used directly by the homeowner, however, while still a better method of harnessing power in a cleaner manner, it still has environmental drawbacks. Hydropower has the capability of liberating a country such as the U.S. from any foreign power sources such as oil. The process of obtaining energy from water is quite simple because the kinetic energy of water is what is being utilized. Water is first damned up, and then allowed to flow over turbines which spin and thus form energy. The rate at which water passes by these turbines can be controlled. One of the major drawbacks of this form of energy is the damage it can do to surrounding ecosystems. Lowlands behind damns now become lakes, and fish have a harder time of getting up streams to reproduce. "Nature's" natural balance can be altered quite severely but new methods of getting around these problems have been, or are currently being developed. Hopefully this paper has been able to give you, the reader, more insight on some of the possible solutions to today's environmental problems. As one can see, there are clearly many alternatives. It is just a matter of acting upon them and instating these alternatives.
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Healey said the Horne Smelter takes "relatively low-grade materials," containing perhaps 20 percent copper, "and upgrades them to 99 percent pure copper, which then goes to our Montreal refinery to become finished product."

(iii) Chemical industries including pesticides, fertilizers, weedicides, fungicides.

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Our Oceans and coastlines are under unprecedented plastics waste attack. It’s coming back at us in many ways. It’s a dire problem that only received serious scientific and public attention in the early 90’s, as we know, but all along the perpetrators have simply and clearly been identified.

(v) Processing industries like cotton textiles, wheat flour mills, asbestos.

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