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Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Sri Lanka An Introductory Essay. But ethnic problems continued to complicate Sri Lankan national life.

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“In conclusion, man is noted as the greatest polluter of the environment. This is pegged on its devastating activities such as extraction and processing of resources, increase in population that leads to damping and scatter of garbage, increases industrial activities among others. Consequently, such activities have resulted in pollution of air, water, soil, and sound. These activities have negatively impacted on environment hence their related impacts include disrupted ecosystem, destruction of aquatic life, disease, global warming and acid rains among others. However, man has realized that environmental pollution is a global phenomenon hence he has laid measures to curb the problem and has called for action of rehabilitation, protection, and conservation of the environment. However, challenges do occur due to the existence of such measures in specific regions which hinder willful joining of hands to solve the problems.”

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Table of Contents Title Page Definition of garbage pollution 5 Statement of problem 6 The reason for investigation 7 Method of investigation 8 Procedure for data collection 9

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DEVPRAYAG/VARANASI/SAGAR ISLAND, India (Reuters) - India's holy Ganges begins as a crystal clear river high in the icy Himalayas but pollution and excessive usage transforms it into toxic sludge on its journey through burgeoning cities, industrial hubs and past millions of devotees.

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perfectly maintained. Then why do we fail to keep our environment clean; maintenance of which is far more vital as compared to our home?The term

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Doing your part to keep litter to a minimum is easy, but it takes vigilance. For starters, never let trash escape from your car, and make sure household garbage bins are sealed tightly so animals can’t get at the contents. Always remember to take your garbage with you upon leaving a park or other public space. And if you’re still smoking, isn’t saving the environment a compelling enough reason to finally quit?
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1. Which of the following is an air pollutant?

At that show how Fan’s story provides a poignant glimpse into the hardships faced by many amid . As interest in Fan’s story continues to resonate, . Part one:

3. The environmental lapse rate is found to be:

(a) Temperature increases with altitude

The United Nations Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution (GESAMP), estimated that land-based sources account for up to 80 percent of the world’s marine pollution, 60 to 95 percent of the waste being plastics debris.

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