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Joseph 5 May 2009/Cause and Effect Essay Anything humans do, which causes harmful effects to the Earth’s bodies of water is called water pollution. This can include pollution to lakes, rivers, oceans, creeks, and even streams. There are several causes of water pollution, but there are usually two main categories: direct and indirect contaminants. Within these categories, contaminants then break down into subcategories of organics, inorganic, radioactive, and acid/bases. This broad range of contaminants comes from many different sources, and affects the world’s waters differently. Direct contaminants are usually describing pollution caused by refineries, factories, waste treatment plants, and other urbanindustries. This type of pollution occurs because these industries directlypour their waste into streams and rivers, which lead out into our oceans. These wastesinclude very harmful substances and most of them are not bridgeable. In addition the hot water discharged from these plants increases the temperature of the water, which also changes the water chemistry; resulting in a process known as “thermal pollution”. Indirect causes include contaminants that enter water supplies from soils and groundwater. Soils contain residues from human agricultural actions such as fertilizers, pesticides, and other forms of improperly disposed waste. Atmospheric conditions such as rain, or snow showers, pick up dirt, and silt and transfer them into larger bodies of water. Gaseous emissions from automobiles, factories, industries, and even bakeries, also play a part in the atmospheric cycle, which re-introduces the gases to the earth in the forms of various showers. The effects of water pollution to any body of water can be devastating to the environment, the people, and the animals that depend on that source of water. The effects of

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Water is one of our most important natural resources. Water is used in different purpose such as domestic, industrial supply, transportation, recreation. However, nowadays, humans are continuously deteriorating rivers, lakes, and oceans through different agricultural, industrial activities. Abel (1996) states that water pollution defines as “the addition of undesirable materials into aquatic bodies” (p.1). This may cause physical, chemical or biological change in water, leading to different harmful effects on organisms and environment. Lots of aquatic organisms are killed. Therefore, the problem of water pollution should be solved immediately. And before we combat the problem, we must analysis the causes and effects on the environment and organisms. In this essay, the causes of water pollution will be firstly discussed, and follow by some solutions toward water pollution.

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Water Pollution Causes And Effects Essay
Joseph 5 May 2009/Cause and Effect Essay Anything humans do, which causes harmful effects to the Earth’s bodies of water is called water pollution

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