Water pollution is a senseless act that people can help stop.

The Earths Unending Struggle: Essay Service; An Essay About Pollution: While water pollution harms bodies of water, air pollution antagonizes the earths.

2) What causes water pollution?

Water pollution is a global plague that affects the people, animals, and plants. These

4) What are the different types of water pollution?

Nonpoint-source pollution is usually found spread out throughout a large area. It is often difficult to trace the exact origin of these pollutants because they result from a wide variety of human activities on the land as well as natural characteristics of the soil, climate, and topography. The most common nonpoint-source pollutants are sediment, nutrients, microorganisms and toxics. Sediment can degrade water quality by contaminating drinking water supplies or silting in spawning grounds for fish and other aquatic species. Nutrients, microorganisms, and other toxic substances can dangerous to human health and aquatic life.

5) How can water pollution be prevented?

Microbiological:This is a natural form of water pollution caused by microorganisms such as bacterias, viruses and protozoas. The consequences are diseas that could affect fishes, humans and land animals.

illegal to dump pollutants into water bodies. Sewage, sludge, garbage, and even toxic pollutants

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EPA together with the United States government is involving community in environmental protection and rehabilitation activities. Community-based approach is the best in water rehabilitation initiatives as the community gets a chance of understanding the importance of water as a valuable resource. According to Steven and others, Lake Onondaga and river Seneca have been successfully cleaned through innovative and water treatment technologies (32). The project to clean the lake was successful because it involved the surrounding communities. To mitigate pollution effects from pharmaceuticals, the United States government is urging pharmacists to manufacture green drugs, which have little or no effect on the environment. According to Isabelle and others, the United State Government has requested the pharmacists to collect the unwanted as well as the unused drugs from clients for proper dumping (1147).

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Heavy metals, such as copper, lead, mercury, and selenium are another group of toxins that pollute the water as well as the rest of the environment. The source of many of these pollutants are industries, automobile exhaust, mines, and even natural soil. Hazardous wastes are another problem for the water in our world. These wastes are toxic, reactive, corrosive or ignitable. Most problems come from humans not storing the substance properly or not disposing of it correctly. This can be easily…
Water pollution has affected many people and animals. Water pollution is

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the disposal of garbage into a water stream. Some of the water pollution is from

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Virtually all water pollutants are hazardous to humans as well as lesser species; sodium is implicated in cardiovascular disease, nitrates in blood disorders. Mercury and lead can cause nervous disorders. Some contaminants are carcinogens. DDT is toxic to humans and can alter chromosomes. PCBs cause liver and nerve damage^ skin eruptions, vomiting, fever, diarrhoea, and foetal abnormalities.

littering, some water pollution is done by chemical leaks, and others by ships.

Water pollution doesn¹t just effect humans, it affects are whole

As highlighted earlier, water pollution in the United States is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Government. Water resources are constantly polluted by industrial and domestic wastewater. Mining and unsustainable agricultural practices are also causing water pollution. Pharmaceutical products, fracking for gas, and hydro plants are posing a great threat to this valuable resource. The effects of water pollution on aquatic life, wild animals, and human beings are dreadful. Many are spending much treating water-related diseases, which could be prevented. When such a problem arises, the most affected are the poor who lack means to clean water even for their consumption. As a result, the United States government and EPA have put much effort in rehabilitating water as a resource. They have taken a community-based approach to ensure that communities are aware of water importance, and hence restrain from polluting it in the future. It is recommended for every individual to take responsibility of cleaning water resources and report any violation of environmental laws, that regulate resource use. Otherwise, it may be hard for EPA and the United States Government to achieve purification of water.